Anywhere, Everywhere


Worldwide experience

Over almost a decade we have been involved in a fantastic number of projects involving Installation, Operation & Maintenance, Major Repair, Retrofitting, Blade Repair, etc. In total, we have already been involved in projects totalling about 12000 MW.
A fantastic number!!! 12000 MW!!!

However, we shall not remain in the shade of our history and our past experience. Rather the contrary!!!
Our past and our experience instil in us a greater responsibility towards the future and to our customers.

Experiência Geográfica

Decidedly, we know no borders! We have already undertaken projects in nearly 20 countries. We speak many, many, many .... languages. We even go to the harshest, most remote, farthest off countries, and .... sometimes the most dangerous ...

We share the risk with our customers. With us, the customers always have the solution. The most complicated geographies or countries constitute challenges, not problems.
We are focused on the solution!!!

Where we go, we leave nostalgia and friends. We respect the culture of each nation, and fit in with ease. Often we return to the same place, and are pleased to find that we are welcomed and cherished by the local communities.

Argentina | Azerbaijan | Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Chile | France | Germany | Italy | New Zealand | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Spain | Sweden | Turkey | UK | Uruguay

Brazil experience

For its size, for its diversity and cultural richness, Brazil is more than a country: it's a continent!!

As we have done in other geographies, here too we are in body and soul.
Owing to our long experience, our profile is that of a trainer company. We are faithful to our culture: we are a company that prefers to focus on training Brazilian technicians rather that stealing them from the competition.

As in other continents, perhaps in Brazil, too, a few years from now, all companies in the wind-farm industry will have technicians trained at ANYWIND.