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We are one of the oldest, most experienced companies providing wind-farm services. We have already undertaken projects in four continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania and America, involving almost 20 countries. In total, we have been involved in 10,500 MW of projects, including wind-turbine installation, O&M and commissioning.

One of the strategic options we took from the outset was to work exclusively for wind-turbine manufacturers. We work with most brands of wind turbines. Through this strategy we have gained the confidence of manufacturers, demonstrated, in particular, by invitations to provide support in developing their prototypes.

We are a company looking for medium- to long-term relations. We share the problems of our customers as if they were our own. We always want to add value for our customers. Always!!!

We are decidedly a company that has a long-distance runner profile.
Conceptually, we can say that we want to be in the market forever.
This attitude and way of being in the business, leads us to celebrate our successes sparingly, because we feel that we just do our duty, and it also leads us to accept and correct those times when we perform less well, no matter what the cost, and to support our customers when they need it most, even charging nothing.

For our customers... any wind drives us!!!

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